About VintageUSA

VintageUSA was established in 1995. In early days VintageUSA dealt mainly in vintage denim items with the majority of product going to Japanese buyers. In 1996 VintageUSA broadened its scope and became a key factor in the vintage & collectible sneaker market. The VintgaeUSA Online Auction was established in 1997 and broadened our scope even further in all aspects of vintage clothing and footwear. The auction site ran very successfully for several years, but was discontinued in favor of selling our items in the much larger online Ebay marketplace. VintageUSA still actively lists items in the Ebay auction marketplace and very actively operates several successful Ebay stores. In 2009 VintageUSA was very happy to present its new online shopping presence in The VintageUSA Shopping Mall. We expect our Mall to become the #1 online source for vintage clothing & related items with representation in other areas of shopping interest as well!